A quick and chic solution to a bad hair day for any vintage-loving girl is to don a turban. Turbans were first introduced into English fashion in the 1790’s inspired by England’s increased trade with India for cotton.  In the 20th century French couturier Paul Poiret was known for his Orientalist designs featuring turbans, and turban hats remained fashionable in the Forties and Fifties. QueensOfVintage takes a closer look at a millinery favourite.

One common name for turban hats is cache-misère (French for “hide misery”), proving that they’ve always been a bad-hair day remedy for discerning vintage ladies. There are many different types of turbans, from the dramatic jewel-adorned and exotic versions of the Twenties and Thirties to the functional styles of the Forties and simple versions of the Fifties.

An easy way to get into wearing a turban is to tie one yourself. We’ve found this amazing tutorial on how to tie a scarf into a turban as worn by Austrian actress Hedy Lamarr.

The key to wearing a turban without looking like you are going to a fancy dress party is to keep things simple. Take your inspiration from Loretta Young (pictured above) and wear a simple but structured skirt suit with your turban, or follow this Forties example (below) and wear a crochet turban with fairly utilitarian clothing. Only the utterly amazing Carmen Miranda (below) could get away with a sparkly version without looking too over the top.








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  1. Rebecka

    I love turbans..but have never quite found the right stuff to wear with it without looking like I’m doing the washing. Must try again!