From beehives to boyish crops – Sixties hair styles are as prevalent now as they were then. Martha Hayes takes a look at different Sixties styles and their modern day interpretations.

Just like they experimented with their hemlines, women in the Sixties were free to experiment with their hair. And experiment they did, trying out styles including the beehive and the flip, which  sound more like moves to get down on the dance floor with. It’s an era commonly remembered for its mini skirts, avant-garde fashion designers and free love, but you only need to look around to see the era’s influence on hair styles today. So whether you fancy a new look, or just some inspiration, here’s our guide to the best do’s of the decade.

The Beehive
Stemming back to 1958, The Beehive – as favoured by the Ronettes (left) – was the do’ that required (and still does) the most commitment. Many hair styles of the Sixties eased away from the rigidity of the previous decade, but for this one, you’ll need time and a lot of hair pins. And remember, the higher, the better!

Then: Audrey Hepburn
Now: on the catwalk

How to:
Take a section of hair around the crown of your head and tie it in a high bun. Brush back the hair from your forehead, getting rid of your parting. Then pin the hair you’ve brushed back onto your bun. Repeat with the hair at the back of your head, and spray with hairspray.

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3 Responses

  1. Jo, Owner,

    I would have loved to be young during the sixties and be in it with the Carnaby Street crowd! The beehive is one of my favourite vintage hairstyles. Because I’m short, I take every inch I can get! However, it’s hard for me to recreate this style. I always end up with stiff and tired arms with all the teasing. My lovely girlfriends took me to the Hersheshons Blow Dry Bar at St.Paul’s, London as a birthday present. I highly recommend going there to recreate a vintage style of your choice. I got the B-52, a beehive half-do, and it came out great, at no time at all.

    • Lena

      Oh yes tired arms, tell me about it! I’ve never tried Hersheshons but I can highly recommend The Painted Lady vintage hair salon in Shoreditch and the amazing Claire Hair in Walthamstowe – both do amazing 60s styles!

  2. La Sweeta Deeva

    How awesome are these do’s! More hairdressers need to specialise in vintage do’s. Thanks for the how-to VQ!