Do you have a vintage-related query? Then meet the expert ready to help you. editor and vintage expert Lena Weber will be tackling your vintage problems in a brand new column every week. This week reader Sophia wrote in wondering how to best store a Thirties evening dress.

Sophia wrote: “I’ve been lucky enough to find an amazing floor-length, velvet, bias-cut evening dress on eBay, which judging form the style, I think must come from the Thirties.

“I am wondering how best to store it? At the moment, I have it on a padded hanger on a hook on my wall, so it doesn’t get squashed in my wardrobe, but I’m worried the weight of it may stretch  the bias out of shape. Please help!”

Lena replied: “The best way of keeping such a delicate and fragile dress is by folding it, wrapping it in tissue paper and storing it somewhere save and away from sunlight.

“Hanging vintage dresses can cause the fabric to get out of shape so it’s best to keep them folded. Sunlight can also damage old fabrics so if your wardrobe is a bit cramped, perhaps buy an old vintage hat box to store your dress in, it will keep it save and still look fab displayed in your home.

“Be aware of moths too, so perhaps add some lavender to where ever you store your dress.”


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  1. Emileigh

    Oh wow, I’m so glad I ran across this article! I was just in the same dilemma and thinking how I should store a 30s velvet dress I found, and this article confirms my fold-and-store inkling I had. Phew, good! I’ll have to remember the lavender though, good call!