It’s official. writer Eleanor Claire Hilton Domm owns an inordinate amount of lingerie, and Valentine’s Day does not have much to do with it. A recent house move has opened a whole tin of mismatched buttons and far too many ‘the day can only get better’ vintage-inspired knickers. Her oh-so-pretty, delicate, silk Forties slips seem to have pipped the cloak jackets to the wardrobe post and she’s seriously contemplating therapy – to conquer her wonderfully odd addiction.

It is after all, an addiction, albeit a vintage one. Vintage classics such as Laros, Van Raalte, Lorraine and Shadowline are few and far between; the exceptional attention to detail and flattering shapes are so difficult to find in commercial stores without costing extortionate amounts of money. So, when I do stumble across treasures like a Twenties Pink & Ecru Lace Camisole, it stays in the drawer almost all of the time.







By 2005, up and coming luxury vintage-inspired brands were starting to appear on the retail scene at affordable prices and with a strong emphasis on saluting the adored classic shapes of past decades. Us Vintage Queen’s are now spoilt for choice. I wave goodbye to my savings account – investments shall be wrapped in babydoll love tied with Chantilly Lace bows.

Read on for my four favourite vintage-inspired and retro lingerie companies of the moment. Be tempted for Valentine’s or any other day.



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