Last Sunday the London Transport Museum brought out their 1938 Stock and ran their Art Deco tube in the very heart of Metroland from Amersham to Harrow. I’ve become slightly obsessed about the tube since reading a few books on the subject, so this wasn’t an opportunity I was going to miss!

The 1938 Stock was built as part of the London Passenger Transport Board’s New Works Programme 1935–1940. The trains were primarily intended for use the Northern and Bakerloo Lines, with an additional seven trains also being used on the Piccadilly Line. Its last trains ran in 1988 before they were retired or sold off for further use to the Isle of Wight.

I really loved the high-quality detail of what looked much more like a train carriage than our modern equivalents. If only our modern tube carriages had proper lighting, plush springboarded seats and wooden fixtures – perhaps being squeezed into over-crowded carriages wouldn’t bother me so much.

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