One of the easiest ways of adding a vintage touch to your home is through utilising soft furnishings, be it by using drapery fabric to create curtains or room dividers, or by making cushion covers or adding tablecloths and place mats of your favourite era.

Tip no 1: remake a vintage scarf into a cushion cover
We wrote this little vintage revamp tutorial a while ago – it’s a really easy way of using old scarves and turning them into your living room focal point.

Tip no 2: get yourself some vintage curtains
Nothing gives away a modern setting more than contemporary curtains. Swap yours for a set of vintage ones – Etsy always has a fantastic selection, so does Lucy Bates who specalise in mid-century patterns.

Tip no 3: re-upholster your chairs
Upoholstery is a slightly trickier DIY project, but if you get some cheap vintage chairs to practice on, you won’t lose too much should things go wrong. You can buy cheap material and home fabrics online, while Design Sponge has many fantastic tutorials on the basics of upholstery.

Tip no 4: get some vintage table settings
Vintage tablecloths or place mats work as an instant vintage make-over. Once again, Etsy is a brilliant source covering every era from Victorian to the Eighties. For inspiration also check out the fantastic Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club.

Tip no 5: add a vintage wall hanging
Wall hangings and tapestries used to be extremely popular all throughout the 20th Century until the late Seventies. Companies like The Magic Cupboard or Classic Modern stock retro and vintage fabric wall hangings.

image credit: Wary Meyers Interior


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  1. Rachel

    This is a great post! I’m about to move and with every move comes several new home decoration projects so the timing is perfect!