Introduced in 1968 as a running shoe, the Adidas Gazelle trainer has remained one of the most popular models ever and has become a true design classic over the last five decades. 

With its hundreds of colour variations over the years and its stand-out suede material, the Gazelle has been re-discovered by new generations through every decade from the late Sixties to today.

The Sixties
Although the Gazelle wasn’t introduced until 1968, a good few years after the mod heyday of the early Sixties, it was the mod scene which had first made wearing sports shoes popular in Britain. With their love for continental, stand-out styles, the mods looked towards new types of sport shoes and would steal bowling shoes from bowling alleys or remove the spikes from typical running shoes to adapt sports shoes to their sartorial needs.

adidas gazelles

The Seventies
With its introduction, the Gazelle found an immediate home with growing sports scenes like Skateboarders, as well as celebrity fans in the likes of John Lennon and Bob Marley. The decade, with its more casual take on fashion, took a keen interest in Adidas models like the Gazelle and Samba.

Get the look: Pair your Gazelles with big flares and a simple T-shirt for a relaxed take on Seventies style.


The Eighties
The Casuals, a new British sub-culture, who took much of their inspiration from the original mods, adopted the Gazelle as one of their trainers of choice. Their relaxed look focused on then little known, often continental sportswear brands like Le Coq Sportif, Diadora or Ellesse, making their style dressed down yet hard to obtain.

Get the look: Pair your Gazelles with straight-cut jeans – worn with turn-ups – and an Ellesse sports jacket or polo shirt.

The Nineties
Unsurprisingly, Britpop, with its love for all things Sixties and mod, brought about yet another revival of Adidas Originals. Musicians like Ian Brown, Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller all sported Gazelles and other Adidas classics back in the day.

Get the look: Pair your Gazelles with a pair of straight cut but slightly baggy jeans, throw on a parka or Fred Perry shirt.



You can buy Adidas Originals Gazelles OG in a variety of colour combinations exclusively from JD Sports, from £65.