Vintage-loving Lisa, who blogs about her passion for vintage on Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies, tied the knot with her wife Vicky in a civil ceremony in Kent in January this year. Here she shares her wedding story and the wonderful vintage touches she added to her wedding.

Couple’s names: Lisa and Victoria Fox

Wedding date: 12th January 2013 (I still blame Vicky for the date. We had to wait over 18 months because she fell in love with the venue and it was the first available slot).

Your wedding story: Where do I start! We had been together five and a half years when Vicky asked the big question and let’s just say it was about time. She was amazing with the proposal, we went to New York to see an evening celebrating the works of Stephen Schwartz who wrote the musical Wicked (I am mad about musicals) and see Kristin Chenoweth perform live. She asked me that night in the hotel room, I was so amazed by it all, including the ring (it was big), that all I said was “Cool”.

Wedding budget: I don’t do budgets! Let’s just say we went over and could have finished the loft conversion we want with the cost.

How would you describe your wedding theme? It was all the things we both liked. Mainly as much vintage as I could get away with and old movies as I work in film and Vicky studied it.

Photography: Ian Booth Photography, he was really nice and our wedding album looks great.

Video: No way! We don’t have many photos of us together never mind a video.

Wedding planner: Me, me, me! Lets just say I am a little bit of a control freak. I even planned my own Hen Party. My best friend asked if she could at the very least have an hour time slot to plan something. I let her eventually and she made the hour count!

Ceremony venue: Cooling Castle Barn, Kent. This venue is so popular locally that it has a waiting list of two years at all times. Despite my early annoyance about the delay, it was well worth the wait.

Reception venue: Again, Cooling Castle Barn. We picked this venue as they only have one wedding a day and it’s private. We wanted to have a comfortable place for us to celebrate our Civil Partnership with family and friends who love us. Plus it’s a beautiful space.

Bride’s dress: Justine Alexander – I never thought I would wear new or white. I was convinced that I wanted a Fifties prom dress, probably in navy, but after I tried this dress there was simply no going back. As my friend exclaimed “the detail, the beading, the encrusting” – ‘ it was clear that this one was the winner.

I had also flirted with the idea of a Candy Anthony dress but couldn’t afford one after I splurged on the shoes. I could always have one just for the hell of it, after all I hear that we may be able to upgrade our civil ceremony soon. I’d better get saving!

Bride’s shoes: Manolo Blahnik – the ones made famous from the Sex and the City film. Unsurprisingly, I was on a waiting list for a long time. When I finally got the phone call every shoe lover waits to hear I only had two days to acquire them before the next person on the waiting list was contacted. I don’t think I have ever moved so fast, I jumped into a taxi with a friend from work during our lunch break. Best and most expensive lunch ever.

Shoes for evening: I always said I would never go out with someone who wore trainers. So when I saw Vicky waiting anxiously for me before our first date wearing the offending articles it was nearly a deal breaker. Who knew I would end up marrying her and having my own customised converse trainers for the evening reception with my new name sewn on them! They were great for dancing and I am not ashamed to say I was busting some moves on the floor.

Bride’s headpiece: My friend Clare made my headpiece. She perfected her craft at the London College of Fashion and is a very talented lady. Clare is a bit of a wonder woman, she designed the piece with the help of emails I sent to her containing pictures and ideas. Amazingly she did all of this whilst also having a little one to keep her busy.

Bride’s jewellery: For my ‘something old’ I wore my great-grandmother’s opal earrings, given to me by her before she passed away. This made it extra special. I also wore a vintage silver and blue necklace that I discovered at the Kent Antique fair, held regularly at the county show-ground.

Tights: What Katy Did – they had blue seam hold ups and this was the only place that I could find them.

Bouquet: I made my own brooch bouquet after seeing them on the internet. I incorporated family pieces into the piece and asked for brooches for my birthday and Christmas in the run up to the big day.

I now make these as part of ‘Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies’. I love doing them and like that you can add a piece of someone who may not be able to be with you on the big day.

Hair & make-up: I found the amazing Lucy at a local vintage fair. She was great and put up with me when I changed my mind after my headpiece was finished.

Other bride’s dress: Unlike me who picked the dress nearly a year before the wedding, Vicky was a bit more ‘casual’ with her approach to the day. She left looking for a dress so late that staff in the shop started to break out into a sweat when they learned that there was only three months to go. She also struggled with the concept of pre-booking dress appointments and adopted the ‘it’s a shop, it’s a dress, what’s the difficulty?’ approach. I’m pretty sure that she has no idea who designed her dress but I can tell you she looked amazing and it was worth the wait to see her in it!

Other bride’s shoes: Converse trainers with the date of the wedding inscribed on them to her mum’s eternal disappointment.

Other bride’s jewellery: Vicky wore jewellery belonging to both of her grandmothers. The necklace was given to her by her mother having been left to her years earlier. It was beautiful and I never thought Vicky would wear something like that, it blew me away. She also wore a beautiful silver bracelet left to her by her paternal grandmother. It was like Betty and Mary were there with us.

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Vivien of Holloway – of course! This was not your typical wedding and in the end we decided to have usherettes instead of bridesmaids. After all how many times does a girl get to be an usher at a wedding? We wanted them to have whatever they wanted, the only requirement was that the outfit be in navy blue. They all have different styles and it was important to us that they could have something they liked and would wear again.

Bridesmaid’s accessories: The girls wore M&S red shoes and What Katy Did seamed red tights. We bought them all pearl necklaces to wear for the day, a little thanks from us to them for their love and support on the day. Thank goodness for bonuses.

Cake: I had seen one I liked at a vintage fair, which gave me the idea of having buttons made from icing to decorate the cake. Christine, who baked Vicky’s birthday cakes when Vicky was little, made it for us. She even created two cake tops that looked like us. She did a really good job and it tasted delicious.

Flowers: As a wedding gift,Vicky’s very talented cousin Alison made the flowers for us. We went to Covent Garden market a year before to see what flowers were in season at that time of the year and then on the day before the wedding she went with Vicky’s mum and dad to purchase them. We all helped the day before to put them together under strict instruction. It was a huge task but Alison made them looked amazing. She also made Vicky’s bouquet.

Stationery: Our save the date cards were made by Colleen Flynn who I found on Etsy, her company is called A Sea of Ink. They were designed to look like old train tickets. Each one had a quote from Mae West on the back, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.

Our invites were a family effort, Vicky’s brother designed the Foxes on the front and we had them printed by Vicky’s cousin’s husband Tim. We also had the order of service to match. They were inspired by Penguin books as Vicky loves reading.

Katie Sue made our table name cards which had film actresses and quotes from them. I left that a little late but she was great to work with and got them done quickly.

Caterers: Cooling Castle. The food was absolutely amazing. The canapes went down particularly well, mini fish and chips cones and chicken and chips for the poultry lovers.

Band: Swingtime Sweethearts – I wanted something for that bit at weddings when the photos are being taken for the wedding guests to enjoy.  These two are a great laugh and very talented. Again I found them at a local vintage fair and booked them a year ahead. I lost count of how many people told us how amazing they were, a real highlight.

DJ: Cooling Castle barn had a DJ and he played some cheesy music for us. There was a lot of dancing, the music was great and the floor was packed all night.

Reception decor: I went a bit crazy on this part of the wedding. Ranging from film star pictures for each table to birdcages which I added fabric and buttons to, to blue and green bottles for the welcome room (Vicky put a stop to me buying these as it got a little out of hand).

I also decorated a Fortnum & Mason men’s briefcase for the card box. We didn’t have a traditional guest book but gave everyone old book cover postcards to sign (these went down really well and so many people picked books which meant something to them and us). I sewed ribbon and buttons on all the favour bags and we had vintage film magazines around and family linen. Like I say – I went a little mad.

Transport: I had a 1961 Chrysler Newport from Keycol, I felt like a film star going in the car. Vicky had a 1965 camper van called Marty.

What was your favourite part about your wedding? Becoming Mrs Fox. The service was the most important thing to me, even above the shoes.

In retrospect, was there anything you would have done differently? Two things: I wish I had not worried about everyone else so much in the run up and remembered it was about us. The second is that I wish I had double checked my photo list of all the groups we wanted to have taken. On the day I missed a few groups out but am not sure how we would have fitted it all in as taking pictures went on for hours!

It was a long run up to our wedding and I think at times it did take over but it was worth all the hard work. My advice to anyone is make sure you make it your own and that it reflects both of you. Oh and finally, don’t buy a house at the same time!














All images: Ian Booth

9 Responses

  1. Helen Kilvington

    A really wonderful day seeing these two beautiful brides get married. The photo’s really don’t do Lisa’s incredible eye for detail or design, justice. Helen K (Usherette)

  2. Clare Bennett-Smith

    This was such a beautiful wedding, my husband and I were honoured to be part of such a special day. Both women looked fantastic and it was all the little touches that made it so different. Wishing Lisa lots of luck with her new business venture…anyone looking for a bouquet with the wow factor should definatley take a look at her website. Clare x

  3. Gemma

    Ahh we showed our parents round the morning of ur wedding I recognise the table decs! Stunning venue we have very good taste!!!

  4. Lisa Fox

    What a small world! You will have an amazing day Gemma, Cooling Castle really know what they are doing and you get to add all your own touches. Good luck x

  5. Whitney

    I’m so, so happy you guys featured a lesbian vintage couple! I usually feel a little left out with so many hetero couples featured, I’m thrilled to see these two, their beautiful wedding, and now to have Lisa’s blog to follow!

    • Mrs Lisa Fox

      I know what you mean Whitney. I was so pleased when Lena wanted to feature my wedding on her site. With the long run up to the day I only read about two lesbian couples in weddings magazines! Doing my little bit to help change that and all that jazz. Welcome to my blog x

  6. Helen C

    What a great reminder of a lovely day. One stunning venue and two very beautiful brides. Lisa’s attention to detail and eye for design really shone through and her brooch bouquet was so stunning I was very upset that she didnt throw it!!