lead“This is not a love story”.  This is what we’re told at the beginning of (500) Days of Summer, this autumn’s hottest new romantic comedy, and they’re not kidding. (500) Days of Summer tells the story of Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel), following the immense highs and devastating lows of their time together. Frankie Murray has caught up with the film’s star, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to chat about the Sixties and, of course, romance.

(500) Days of Summer this is no contrived tale of heartbreak or unrequited love. The film is an intelligent romantic comedy (who knew there was such a thing) that manages to combine sincere tenderness with laugh-out-loud comedy. The film is a break from the traditional ‘overly-emotional girl falls for unloving boy’ narrative, and openly admits a truth that is scarcely uttered by Hollywood – sometimes in a relationship, one party just loves the other more than they love them.

Not only is the story hilarious and entertaining, but the film aesthetic is a vintage lover’s dream. Every little detail, from the buildings right down to the smallest of trinkets and ornaments, has a distinctly lived-in, vintage feel, echoing the unique styles of the protagonist characters and their story. We also have incredible wardrobe envy after seeing Summer’s seemingly endless array of adorable vintage inspired dresses.

Already won over by the film, we were over to moon to have the opportunity to catch up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the film’s devastatingly handsome star, to talk to him about life, love and the Sixties.

5DOS_AF_02334Frankie Murray for QueensOfVintage.com: We absolutely love (500) Days of Summer. Were there any of your own romantic experiences in it?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Of course, I think everybody can relate to both sides. Everyone’s been a bit Tom or a bit Summer to some degree or another. I certainly am, and that was really our aim with this, to not make something that’s “funny” or pulls at the heart strings, but that is actually heart felt and honest.

FM: Has there ever been a ‘Summer’ in your life?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt:  Yeah, of course. There’s been one in everyone’s.

FM: How refreshing was it for you that in this film it’s the guy who is the romantic and the girl who is the realist, when most of the time it’s the other way around?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I like that neither of the characters fit so neatly into any gender box or exhibit traits that would be typically be assigned to one or the other, like in our parent’s generation or in traditional love stories. I think it’s a sign of the times that we as a people and as a culture are more ready to be individuals, and have less of a need to so strictly adhere to conventional stereotypes.

FM: Are you a cynic or a romantic at heart?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I think a healthy balance of both is important. I would probably lean more towards the romantic side these days.

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3 Responses

  1. Marian

    Amazing interview. Loved his answer to the question on how he vents his anger 🙂
    Kudos on the yummy questions Frankie!
    Oh i cant wait to see this movie now. Anything compared to Annie Hall is good in my book. I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH!
    loved,loved reading this!
    fabu xx

  2. Frankie - Swell Vintage

    Thanks everyone! SO glad you like it.

    I really think you’ll love it, Marian. It’s definitely my favourite film of 2009 so far.

    Alex, I couldn’t agree more! The boy grew up good!