large_bonnieIt doesn’t happen very often that an infamous gun-swinging, bank-robbing criminal becomes a fashion icon to influence the catwalks for decades to come. Nevertheless this is exactly what has happened to Bonnie Parker after Faya Dunaway’s portrayal of her in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. Lucy Swan takes a look at a vintage style icon.

Dunaway’s performance consistently exuded an elegance lost to prior decades, and her interpretation of the gangster moll captivated the world, complete with femme fatal wardrobe and Thirties glamour.

The slim tailored skirts, simplistic silhouettes, seductively tied silk scarves and precariously perched berets were selected by the film’s wardrobe designer, Theodora Van Runkle, with the aim of evoking a sense of Thirties elegance ,which went against  what was considered fashionable in the late Sixties.

The film became a catalyst for a revival of ladylike chic across the US: berets and bobs were the quintessential head wear whilst longer pencil skirts were rediscovered by the mini-wearing youth, creating a new breed of femme fatal.

The trends set by the  film are still as relevant in society today as they were forty years ago. There’s no quicker way to looking indie cool, than by sliding into a pencil skirt and perching a beret over your nicely shaped coiffure.

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