marlene-dietrich-furVintage fashion has never been so in style, so why not make the most of its revival and learn how to scout vintage finds like a pro with our easy to follow guide.  Laura Terry has the absolute beginners guide to vintage.

1. Research

Firstly, if you’re addicted to the high street and haven’t a clue about where your local charity and vintage shops are, start researching. In more affluent areas it’s not uncommon to find designer goodies in mint condition, as well as some more unusual items, which you can guarantee wouldn’t be found in your local Topshop.

2. Clothes Swapping

This has become really popular in recent years and is a great way to meet some other vintage newbies and bag some great clothes in the process. It can be done on a small or large scale and involves you bringing a bag of your old clothes to donate, in return for someone else’s cast-offs. Be warned though, if it’s top quality stuff you may have a fight on your hands, so get their early, bring good quality merchandise to barter with and don’t be afraid to try something new.

3. eBay is your best friend

eBay is a treasure trove of goodies for you to begin your vintage journey with professional shops and fellow vintage lovers all advertising some amazing fashion bargains. Remember to view each item carefully, look at the description and measurements closely and if you like what you see- bid, bid, bid. A word of warning, not everything advertised as vintage is genuine!

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