With more and more people fed up with overheated, crammed trains and ridiculous travel fares, cycling has gone through a big revival in recent years. While there are plenty of classic bikes and accessories for a Thirties to Fifties cycle look, there’s also an increasing number of cool retro biking stuff with a real Seventies vibe.

Take this practical pannier for example (£59.99, pictured above). It comes in a whole range of very Seventies colours – brown, orange, green and red – and not only attaches to racks of all shapes and sizes but can also be worn like a shoulder bag. Perfect for getting your laptop to work.

raleigh 70s bike

If you’re after a full-on Seventies biking experience, check out this Raleigh Red or Dead shopper (£380). Based on an original Raleigh Seventies shopper, this new edition was inspired by comic heroes like superwoman and comes with a detachable bag and star pattern.

70s poncho



Getting rained on is definitely part of cycling in the UK, so waterproof your vintage with a flower power rain poncho (£29.95). Ponchos are great for just throwing on top of your regular clothes and fold away neatly so you can carry them in your bag just in case.

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    • Lena

      I think I have one just so I can justify having cool 70s stuff. I’ve cycled once this year so far…