An interest in vintage usually stretches beyond fashion into pretty much anything you do, including your home life. But adding a bit of vintage to your home might not seem so easy, especially if you’re on a limited budget and renting a furnished place. So here are five tips for making your home more vintage.

1. Set your table with vintage place sets, china and cutlery
I still have the odd bit of Ikea, but most of our kitchenware and dining sets are vintage. Setting the table with old place mats and having your dinner off a lovely vintage plate, makes it somehow more special even if you’re just having beans on toast.

2. Swap your soft furnishings for vintage
We rent so having a place that completely suits our style isn’t really possible (one day that avocado bathroom will happen). Yet adding your own vintage touches by having vintage curtains, sofa cushions, blankets and rugs is a great way of adding your own personality and giving your home more of a vintage feel.

3. Add vintage storage to your bathroom
Our bathroom is really lovely but entirely modern with the charm of a hotel shower. To make it more my style, I’ve added storage bits that are vintage. As I love the late Sixties, for me it’s been old Biba glasses and big tins to keep my make-up in, but if you’re into other decades experiment with keeping your bits in vintage tea cups, using old biscuit tins or adding some Art Deco perfume bottles.

4. Give your outdoor space a vintage make-over
If you have a garden, balcony or even just a window sill, you have some extra space for adding a few vintage touches. Add some vintage vases or plant pots onto your window or balcony, get some vintage deck chairs for the garden or hang up some vintage mirrors on an outdoor wall for an extra vintage feel.

5. Cook the vintage way
You can pick up vintage kitchenalia, pots and pans as well as utensils relatively cheaply in shops and at fairs. I really like my old vintage pots from the Sixties – they are built to last! A vintage kettle, kitchen scales, or even a vintage or retro kitchen machine will all add some colour and style.