This year, as Valentine’s Day fast approaches, the only effect Cupid’s arrows are bound to have on consumer behavior is to drive redundant Wall Street workers to cutting their pink slips into hearts and decorating them with glitter. But lack of funds doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun or romance. Don’t wait for the holiday to come to you, instead, you go to it and bring it into your home. Kristin Knox has selected 10 amazing vintage deco items perfect for Valentine’s.

With these few easy vintage interior V-Day quick fix ideas, your pad will defy the gloomy February sleet and even drearier market forecasts, leaving you free to pass the saint’s day tucked away in a stylish retro sanctuary. Let our vintage deco ideas remind you that love, no matter what, is always worth celebrating.

Heart Shaped Red Telephone with push button dialing Ebay, bidding starting at $19.95
Don’t spend your Valentine’s Day waiting around for him to call! This cheeky heart-shaped phone is a fun mod touch guaranteed to bring a bit of Valentine cheer to an unexpected locale—say a kitchen or office.





1980’s French Post Cards Dessert Plate by Rosanna $12.50 Etsy
This 1980’s French postcard dessert plate is a sweet addition to any pantry—perfect for serving tasty pastries or éclairs for a girls-Valentine’s-in.




Vintage 1980s Aluminium Cookery Heart Shaped Mould. £8.28
Whip up some heart shaped treats or jellies in this unique piece of vintage kichenalia, a heart shaped mould dating to 1984. Even if you don’t plan to spend your holiday at the oven’s beck and call, this little mould is still a cool, unique accent to display in any retro themed kitchen.






Vintage 1930s Floral Wicker Shopping Basket £41.52
This lovely vintage wicker basket adorned with assorted raffia flowers dates back to 1937. Great for storage, on V day, fill with fresh cut flowers and leave by the entrance-way for a sweet and subtle yet unusual floral presentation. Later, use for stashing linens, magazines or whatever else suits your fancy.







Retro Vintage 1970s White Pottery Double Egg Cup, £18.63
The morning after surprise your beaux with boiled eggs for two with this cool English retro double egg cup! Dating back to 1975, this is a rare piece which would compliment any retro chic kitchen or collection of vintage curiosities!








Vintage 1930s Musical Teapot £96.83
Pour your Valentine a singing cuppa with this special musical teapot from the 1930s. Adorned with pretty flowers and gold trim, this charming teapot features a little wind up music box hidden underneath which plays a little tune when you lift the teapot.











Vintage Wedgwood Jasperware Vase, £18.74
For the traditional vintage girl, place his roses in this Jasperware Wedgwood vase circa 1977. You can’t go wrong with adding this Romantic English classic to your collection of vintage decorations.






Retro Vintage 1970s Red & White Poured Glass Vase, £35.88
For the girl who’s a bit more mod and offbeat, pick up this retro 1970s red and white poured glass vase to house your Valentine’s Day stems.







Antique Victorian Love Token Box, £24.50
A really special piece to adorn your vanity or perhaps the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, is this Victorian Love Token Box, in black lacquered wood detailing a floral design and a little poem entitled “Love Token,” is in great condition.

In this day and age where the only things we receive physically in the post anymore are bills, bills, bills, it is important to be reminded of a more romantic heyday, were love tokens came in charming boxes like this one, instead of as email attachments.





Retro Vintage 1950s Bird Ice Bucket, £27.83
Chill your bubbles in this 1950s vintage bird ice bucket. Lined with plastic, this ice bucket is fully functional and is a fun, chic way to keep your suds cool long after Valentine’s Day and throughout the spring and summer.